Found a Lost Pet?


So, you found a stray pet… Now what?

  • Be aware that if you take the pet to a shelter, there is a risk that the animal will be euthanized, even if it is a “no-kill” shelter.
  • Contact local shelters to report the animal as “found” so if the owner calls looking for them, they can contact you.
  • Contact local animal and dog rescues.  A rescue might be able to take the pet, help you find the owners, or a new home for them.
  • Many rescues work through foster homes.  Consider offering to foster the found pet with the support of a local rescue while looking for a new home for them.
  • Keep the found pet away from your own pets – they may be sick or aggressive towards them.
  • Take the found pet to a shelter or vet to get scanned for a microchip – this may help identify the owners immediately.
  • Make a list of general information about the pet such as breed, approximate age, size, temperament, and location found.
  • Take some pictures of the pet.
  • Use the information and the picture to make “found” ads.
  • Post “found” ads all over near where you found the pet as well as on Facebook or other social media and encourage your friends to “share” the information.
  • If no one claims the pet, you may keep them or try to place them in a new home.
  • Turn the pet into an animal shelter as a very last resort.  Research local shelters to find ones with better reputations and see if you can take them there.